If you have  the  passion to  run  a course  and have  an experienced  faculty to back you
but don’t have  the time and resources to run the course why not  consider  the Global company that runs the Penang course to run your course or courses in ASEAN region.

The terms and conditions can be discussed with me  , the Events Coordinator ,  of the Global Futuristic Management Services .

The Global company will take care of the following with you as the  Course Coordinator and the course can be any course or workshop not necessarily Medical .

Global will take care of  

1.  Helping to  prepare an electronic flyer  , programme and  editable registration form  for the conference.  

2.  Advertise the course  via  the Global website  ,  Facebook  (paid advertising) etc.

3.  Collecting all registration fees and  monies from sponsors  via the  Global Accounts and disbursed  as instructed by your organizing committee to hotels, faculty etc.

4.  Complete set of accounts for the course for taxation purposes .  

5.   Legal agreement  will be signed to protect interest of the Course Coordinator and Global company

6.   Global  will advise  on the  registration fee to be charged  and also contact the relevant  companies that you have identified in your field to  participate and provide equipment for the course etc.

The  Budget  anticipated will be the following :

Your fee as the  Main Course Coordinator
Global fee for  Administering the Course
Accomodation charges for yourself and Global staff at the hotel as needed.
Faculty charges including honorarium , ground and airtravel  and hotel charges
Hotel charges per pax  for the conference package .  Usually minimum of 20-30  pax is needed to secure a  room for the meeting  in a major hotel taking the conference package .
The  hotel would normally provide  standard microphone and  AV system but  we would need to rent projector,  wireless headset for the meeting
Miscellanous charges as agreed by both parties.  

The Main course coordinator  would need to  ensure  that  the minimum pax  needed for to get the conference package  can be sourced by them via their contacts  .   
The twenty pax would need to pay at least 5 months before advance in order to
pay for the venue deposit to the hotel , reimburse faculty who have paid their airfare etc.

At the time of the congress all payments should have been made by delegates and sponsors and no credit would be entertained.  

Any profit to be shared by Global company and  Course Coordinator and any third party as agreed eg charity as in the Penang courses.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED TO EXPLORE THIS POSSIBILITY PLEASE CONTACT MS JULIA ANNE  ,  EVENT PLANNING FOR GLOBAL  AT  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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