NEW PERSONALISED GLOBAL MRI AND USS COURSE FOR RADIOLOGISTS SIMILAR TO THE PENANG COURSE WITH PROF JOHN GEORGE AND FACULTY IN YOUR CITY AIM OF COURSE: for those who already report MRI Knee but do not feel that they are achieving 95% accuracy in reporting and also would gain more expertise in MSK ultrasound and interventions.

Attendance at a previous MSK Ultrasound workshop, symposium even if not enough hands on practical experience would be useful but not mandatory . The workshop would go through Basic lectures, practical ultrasound sessions and go through 150 MRI and USS normal and pathological cases using static images and video of entire cases of the pathology one would encounter in their day to practice .

OUTCOME: 95 % accuracy in reporting all common pathology which is bread and butter work for Radiologists and to perform MSK Ultrasound for diagnosis as per usefulness of MSK Ultrasound.

TENTATIVE REQUIREMENTS FOR RADIOLOGY COURSE: ( agreement can be finalised after three parties are in agreement : 14 delegates represented by a local coordinator , Prof George, Our Event Company -Global Futuristic Management Services.) Minimum 14 pax paying us 1000.00 each for a three day radiology course under Global Mri and Ultrasound branding . Personalised small group 1:7 ratio teaching.

The above charges will be paid to Global company and cover the following: Prof George and one other experienced msk radiologist and two global representative airfare, hotel accomodation at your city , all ground travel , projector and microphone (not speakers and mixer) , dinners for faculty , powerpoint lectures, ultrasound workbook, certification by Global Venue & conference package for 20 pax(delegates , faculty and organisers) to secure the conference room with basic av free of charge.

Cost of two models for three days at two ultrasound stations. US200.00 to local coordinator . If an Ultrasound company sponsors the venue and conference package , the registration fee to the delegates can be reduced accordingly to the remainder of the expenditure.

Ultrasound equipment : Global will try and negotiate to get two high end ultrasound equipment for hands on and if unsuccessful then the delegates need to get two machines for the practical sessions. The registration fee does not cover accomodation of the delegates.

Terms and conditions : Payment of deposit of the hotel by delegates should be made as per requirement of the hotel. Remainder of payment up to US14000 due is to be made at least one month before the event .

None of the above amounts are refundable unless Global cancels the course suddenly and then refunds would be in full.