The comprehensive and generous course materials provided goes to show how much effort was put into preparing for the course. I was able to clarify my doubts and troubleshoot problems faced during my daily reporting sessions. The course was well-organized and relevant and I would certainly recommend it to anyone interested in the specialty of musculoskeletal radiology.

Candice Leong, Singapore

This workshop exceeded my expectations in terms of content. I enjoyed my interaction with the faculty and felt they were sincere and thorough in teaching us what they thought we should learn.

Percival Leonides, Philippines

It is my firm contention that if possible any radiologist with an MSK interest should attend this course. Having attended many European courses, I can say with certainty that the advanced course is second to none. Many thanks to Prof John.

Bishum Rattan, South Africa

A very good, beneficial and informative course that gives you solid guidelines for an MSK career. The information given is out of pure experience and I feel grateful to the tutors for sharing it with us.

Aida Shanshal, UAE

I recommend everyone who wants to learn MSK the proper way to join this course because you can gain a lot of experience.

Ali Ibrahim, Iraq

I enjoyed the course and learned a lot of new things in this course. All professors are very nice and knowledgeable and very approachable as well.

Francis Zuriel, Philippines

Practical sessions were informative and the lectures focused on materials not found in books.

Rafid Al-Anssari, Iraq

Good hands-on training of ultrasound joints and extremities will improve confidence. Personal tips and tricks with ultrasound guidance provided.

Sheik Hussain, Qatar

Excellent learning opportunity for fellows and junior consultants both for MSK and general radiology.

Ruzla Zakeer, Sri Lanka

This course was really beneficial and practical and I recommend all radiologists to attend this course to expand their knowledge in MSK radiology.

Atheer Adnan, Iraq

I found this course beneficial to fill in gaps in my practical MSK work both MR + USG.

Maliha Fansur, Abu Dhabi