I have benefited from this 2 day course and increased my proficiency in ultrasound diagnosis especially in tendon pathology which are not covered and so clearly explained and illustrated like in this course. I’ve attended other ultrasound courses before but this is the best so far. Thank you to the organisers for all the diligent work.

Yoon Kam Hon, Singapore

Initially I thought this is a similar ultrasound course to others. However, it is not as it is run by MSK radiologists with detailed discussion and MRI correlation. The workshop offers adequate hands-on experience guided by an international panel of MSK radiologists. It is a must-attend event to all categories.

Shamsuddin Aziz, Malaysia 

High quality course with comprehensive coverage in various joints, accompanied by MRI correlation. There are plenty of opportunities for practice and in-depth discussion in a small group setting.

Ho Chup Hei Grace, Hong Kong

Well-organized and conducted. I had ample opportunities to practice over and over again with continuous guidance from the helpful facilitators.

Muhd Faizal Zainudin, Malaysia

Excellent course. High quality education materials. Productive practical sessions coupled with friendly and knowledgeable faculty and demonstrators. Five stars for satisfaction and will come back again!

Nurulhasyim Saparai, Malaysia

This is a course designed for refining musculoskeletal ultrasound skills for doctors who use the ultrasound as a tool in their daily clinical practice. Even if you are an advanced practitioner, you could still benefit from interaction with the other specialty doctors.

Lim Baoying, Singapore 

Great effort by Prof Dr John George and the team in organising this awesome workshop. Most importantly, it is value for money.

Abu Ubaidah, Malaysia

Excellent course with great machines and good hands-on. Highly recommended.

Chandrashekhar Bhaskar, India

This is the first time I am joining the course. I found it beneficial for my GP practice to provide MSK ultrasound screening to the patients immediately.

Lee Seow Kheng, Malaysia

This course provides a structured and comprehensive approach to MSK Ultrasound which is very beneficial for sports physicians, orthopaedic surgeons, radiologists, rheumatologists and so on.

Jeffrey Kee, Malaysia

I will be more confident in my surgical skill as I can visualize the anatomy and pathology as pre-operative planning.

Chan Wei Heng, Malaysia

After this course, I have much more confidence in using Ultrasound machines and applying my clinical skill to help my patients.

Chan Shiu Wai, Hong Kong

I like the flow of the course which started in revision of anatomy and common pathologies of each joint, followed by practical sessions to see what is normal, then finished in USG of abnormal structures.

Muhd Harith Rosdi, Malaysia

At a reasonable price, the course is very useful to all physicians who want to learn about MSK Ultrasound. The flow and discussion is well-structured with ample time for practical sessions. The faculty members were so accommodating and eager to teach and share their knowledge.

Sherwin Gan, Philippines

Evaluation Penang Physicians Course 2018

Conference Content               3.97/4

Materials provided                 3.90/4

Lectures                                    3.79/4

Practical sessions                    3.72/4

Conference Organization      3.66/4

Venue/ Facilities                     3.62/4

Food and beverage                 3.45/4

N= 29 delegates who filled in forms completely

Scoring system

1= Poor

2= Fair

3= Good

4= Excellent