This is a very good course which should be attended by every Radiologist at a training level and even at a consultant level to learn and to improve knowledge in MSK. It teaches everything from normal anatomy to pathology to hands-on experience. Prof George makes everything simplified and after this course I won’t be afraid to do a MSK case. I am looking forward to attend the advanced course in the future.

Jay Panchal, India

I am appreciative of Dr John, Julia and all the doctors for their organisation and for the successful course. Very good conference content, materials provided, practical sessions and facilitators. One of the best conference and workshops I have attended. Thanks a lot for all the teamwork.

Yosr Mohamed, UAE

You would have no regrets after joining this course! Significant increase in MSK knowledge and ultrasound after participating in the course. Nice food and scenery from the hotel too!

Wong Yoke Queen, Malaysia

The course director, Professor George, genuinely cared about making the lectures interesting and comprehensible to everyone. He explained things so well and was passionate to answer all the doubts. He presented complicated things in an understandable way through his slides by quoting good worked examples. The everyday homework after the session which was evaluated on the next day helped me instantly to rectify my doubts. He is one of the best teachers I have ever had. I will be eagerly waiting to attend the advanced course.

Thuluva Kumar, Singapore

This course was organized perfectly in the view of selection of topics according to importance, materials and pace. The teaching proficiency of Prof John was excellent and he was able to whole everyone’s attention throughout the course with his excellent voice, humour and style. Sound, AV, food and venue were excellent. Overall, I am overwhelmed. Helps me in building up my proficiency. It will definitely have a positive impact on my career.

Swati Munshi, Bangladesh

The MSK USG workshop of this course is one of the best I have ever attended. Highly recommended.

Lee Kar Ho, Hong Kong

If you’re interested to learn MSK Ultrasound & MRI more to improve your confidence in daily reporting, this is the course you need to attend.

Chiang Yoong Fei, Malaysia

Every radiologist (irrespective of subspecialty) should attend this conference as early as possible in his/her carrier.

Farzana Alam, Bangladesh

It’s more worth than all the conferences I have ever attended. I learned a lot and am now more confident to interpret MSK MRI and Ultrasound procedures rather than referring them to other radiologists. I feel grateful and thankful and want to attend the future conferences of Global MSK MRI & Ultrasound.

Lina Flavia, Philippines

Thank you for giving very practical approaches. The course & lectures managed to give me a better grasp of MSK Radiology and more confidence in a structural approach to MSK problems commonly encountered in our daily practice.

Low Lee Shien, Malaysia

Excellent material, outstanding faculty, and lots of hands-on!

Pravin Mundada, Singapore

Very good course with thorough coverage of MSK topics through good lectures and imaging references. Prestigious MSK radiologists around the world to give guidance in practical session which is very fruitful and inspiring.

Tan Tse Nee, Malaysia

The course made me more aware of the intricacies of MSK Radiology. The knowledge that is acquired is really more than just what is in the books and values what is really important in practice.

Christopher Aromin, Philippines

I have learned a lot from the course. The things I have learned will help me improve my service to my patients. I will definitely recommend this course to senior residents, general radiologists and those starting their subspecialty training in MSK radiology. This would definitely be beneficial in their practice.

Maria Ormasa, Singapore

This workshop teaches you that the most important aspects one needs to learn. I recommend this to those who like me are just starting in their practice of MSK MRI & Ultrasound.

Maria Socorro, Philippines

Definitely a must for all radiology trainees or specialists who want to report MSK cases accurately.

Sidney Ong, Malaysia

Thank you Global Futuristic Management Services for a productive course. I learned a lot and am looking forward to sharing my knowledge to my residents and to give better service to my patients.

Mercedes Onagan, Philippines

A very comprehensive course. A great learning experience with patient and knowledgeable facilitators. I highly recommend this course. Looking forward for the Advanced course soon.

Tribeni Kumar, Malaysia

I find the course beneficial especially for those having no background experience. All the doctors were accommodating and lavish in imparting their knowledge. I am going back to my country contented to share the experience I had.

Martinez Samuel, Philippines 

I’m super glad I got the chance to attend this course. It’s well-organized and provides valuable information and plenty of chances to do hands-on ultrasound practice. Thanks a lot!

Mai Banjar, Saudi Arabia

This course provides the perfect platform to learn basic and adequate knowledge for MSK imaging. Practical session is the most useful as it consolidates the lectures given and demonstrators are very helpful in teaching the correct technique.

Mohd Farhan Hamdan, Malaysia

This specialized course is beneficial for radiologists both in theory and practical basis. All the contents of Prof John and his homework style was very excellent to me. In my country, I shall suggest to come for MSK training. It is a fine course. Thanks!

Marufa Yasmin, Bangladesh

Evaluation Penang Radiology Course 2018

Conference Content               3.78/4

Materials provided                 3.78/4

Lectures                                    3.74/4

Practical sessions                    3.82/4

Conference Organization      3.88/4

Venue/ Facilities                     3.68/4

Food and beverage                 3.42/4

N= 50 delegates who filled in forms completely

Scoring system

1= Poor

2= Fair

3= Good

4= Excellent