Testimonials Penang Physicians Conference 2019

This conference is beneficial to improve basic MSK ultrasound skills as it is very comprehensive and practical. Keep up the good work. The hands-on sessions are good and all the instructors are very helpful. The video sessions on pathology are good as well.
Salmina Rifin, Malaysia

An incredibly insightful hands-on course. Provided a new way of looking at pathology and being able to visualize the underlying anatomy.
Tamara Pooke, South Africa

Comprehensive, with good materials and lectures provided and ample hands-on practice sessions for learning by very patient and experienced facilitators/faculty members standing by to show us the ropes.
Pek Eu Way, Malaysia

Great workshop! This is my first ultrasound workshop and I’m glad to be here. Lots of stations for workshop with real human models and experts to teach. Everyone can practice until he’s feeling comfortable.
Chut Nakornchai, Thailand

Learning how to read the ultrasound images really enhanced my understanding of the pathological conditions and how to differentiate them. Clear explanations, patient presenters and correlation to clinical conditions.
Katey Paczek, Malaysia 

I learned many tips and practical methods to use in MSK ultrasound, and also the pitfalls that I have to be careful of. The knowledge I gain from the course will surely be applied in my practice.

Faisal Parlindungan, Indonesia

This is my first formal training on MSK ultrasound and it is recommended by my colleagues. This is much more above my expectation with the good materials and supervision from experts.

Chiu, Wing Fat, Hong Kong

This course was wholesome as it covered many important MSK related pathologies. The instructors were very patient and motivated to teach us. It was definitely worth it. I enjoyed it.

Arvin Raj, Malaysia

The course is very much beneficial for orthopaedics/ physicians/ rheumatologists and is recommended. It has very comprehensive lectures and ample hands-on opportunities.

Shamsudin Aziz, Malaysia

This is an event that I stumbled upon on Google but was sure it will have a mark in my medical profession for a very, very long time. Thank you Prof for the exciting and stimulating experience!

Joon Moon, South Korea

Evaluation Penang Physicians Conference 2019

Lectures                                 3.75/4

Practical sessions                  3.85/4

Conference Content              3.77/4

Materials provided                 3.81/4

Conference Organization      3.83/4

Venue/ Facilities                    3.69/4

Food and beverage               3.52/4

N= 48 delegates who filled in forms completely

Scoring system

1= Poor

2= Fair

3= Good

4= Excellent