This is a great course with comprehensive, excellent and well-prepared learning materials, enthusiastic and knowledgeable teachers plus plenty of hands-on practice on the ultrasound. Homework cases are very useful and practical. Highly recommend!

Yu Wen Ming, Hong Kong

This is a great experience to further enhance your knowledge in MSK imaging, with excellent hands-on experience and practical tips on image interpretation and ultrasound screening. Great lectures and facilitators. Thank you everyone!

Stephanie Ang, Philippines

It is the best conference I’ve attended, very well organized and the practical sessions were very good. A very informative and educative conference.

Aminath Arifa, Maldives

I totally enjoyed being in this course. The practical knowledge I gained is immense and it can be definitely translated to clinical practice, which remains the highlight of this course. Hands-on workshop with small group teaching was very beneficial.
S. Vasanthapriya, Malaysia

I would highly recommend this course as the faculty are extremely knowledgeable and patient in teaching. Also the lectures are very comprehensive with many pearls and pitfalls highlighted.

Jaspreet Singh, Singapore

It is a very in-depth review of the MSK. The best workshop I’ve ever attended and it’s worth every penny.
Paulo Villapando, Philippines

Perfect course for those who are interested in MSK radiology. It covers a broad spectrum of MSK topics and plenty of hands on experience. Credits to Prof John George who is knowledgeable and humorous, his lectures never disappoint and were full of laughter. Would certainly recommend to everyone who likes MSK radiology.
Stephen Wong, Hong Kong It is a very informative course with very good hands-on experience. This is the best practical course I have ever had.

Zuhudha Hussain, Maldives

This conference provides a very nice fusion of MRI and ultrasound to better enforce the knowledge and understanding of MSK imaging. The session is easily understandable and is recommended for beginners and advanced MSK radiologists. The hands-on sessions and lectures are wonderful.

Mark Anthony, Philippines

Very intensive and conducive to learning. They will guide you and make certain you learn correctly.

Regina Reyes, Philippines

This conference is not just a refresher course but also provides more information regarding details in interpretation and skills.

Carmina Maria, Philippines

This congress is one of the best platforms for training of MSK.

Nazma Farzana, Bangladesh

This congress really helped me to have a strong foundation in MSK imaging especially the ultrasound. Excellent lectures with ultrasound and MRI correlation of normal anatomy and pathology.

Diana Garcia, Philippines

Very helpful in developing and improving MSK ultrasound skills. Also a good place to meet other radiologists.

Robert Schamschula, Australia

An excellent overview of MSK imaging with many practical tips for real life practice. A good combination of both lectures and hands on.

Eric Ting, Singapore

Lectures were so clear for someone like me who has not done MSK studies in a long time. Prof made MSK very interesting and not too hard after all. I am extremely better in my knowledge compared to when we started. I am even considering a fellowship. Thank you Prof George!
Chuma Singata, South Africa

Evaluation Penang Radiology Congress 2019

Lectures                                 3.94/4

Practical sessions                  3.87/4

Conference Content              3.89/4

Materials provided                 3.85/4

Conference Organization      3.89/4

Venue/ Facilities                    3.66/4

Food and beverage               3.64/4

N= 47 delegates who filled in forms completely

Scoring system

1= Poor

2= Fair

3= Good

4= Excellent