The keynote speaker, Prof Dr John George, has a wealth of practical and clinical knowledge in ultrasound imaging. The conference is great for any doctors who want to advance their clinical practice with even better clinical care.

Victor Tan , Singapore

This course greatly improved my confidence in using ultrasound in my clinical practice. It is highly recommended to anyone who is looking to bring value to patients care and diagnostics.

Tan Sok Chuen, Singapore

It is highly recommended for anyone who is interested in MSK ultrasound with excellent guidelines/teaching from Prof Dr John George and the other speakers.

Tee Seng Siu, Malaysia

Important basic principles and techniques in MSK ultrasound is well-explained and taught during the course. I am more confident and appreciate the value of MSK ultrasound as an early screening tool to provide accurate diagnosis on patient’s first visit.

Tan Tiam Siong, Malaysia

A thoroughly delightful interactive workshop with lots of hands-on experience. Highly recommend it for beginners, enough reading material to work on later!

Sonia Nasreen Ahmad, Bangladesh

Great for first-timers on MSK like myself. Great faculty and very knowleageable as the speakers are able to answer questions.

Christopher Manipon, Philippines

My knowledge about joint ultrasound is zero, after this course my knowledge improved to 35%. This is a better course than any other ultrasound courses outside.

Mohd Suhaimi Tajudin, Malaysia

It’s a very useful course for ED physicians who are dealing with different injuries. This will open this door for ED physician to learn more bedside ultrasound exam and technique in addition to other ultrasound skills used in ED.

Haitham Jassim, Australia

MSK Ultrasound is another essential skillset for GP’s. Early accurate diagnosis is essentials for implementing treatment plans. I would recommend this course to any GP looking at improving patient care.

Lee Kai Xin, Singapore

Very beneficial for daily practice. Gained more confidence to make exact diagnostic with ultrasound tool. Definitely a must for all GP’s.

Koh Sok Teng, Malaysia


Evaluation KL Physician Congress 2019

Lectures                                 3.84/4

Practical sessions                  3.8/4

Conference Content              3.96/4

Materials provided                 3.96/4

Conference Organization      3.96/4

Venue/ Facilities                    3.56/4

Food and beverage               3.28/4


N= 25 delegates who filled in forms completely


Scoring system


1= Poor

2= Fair

3= Good

4= Excellent