“Great topic and speakers! In this time of pandemic, it is a relief that we can still learn and gain knowledge in the comforts of our home.”

Dr. Joseph Lagman, Radiology, Philippines

“The session was well-organised and the topics chosen were very relevant and the selection of speakers was also well researched. The whole session was well coordinated by the organisers.”

Dato’ Dr. Noorul Ameen, General Practitioner, Malaysia

“Very happy and satisfied with the organisers for taking pains to ensure everything went smoothly. The frequent reminders leading to the conference was very useful in ensuring a good turnout. The assistance to acquire the CPD points was also very helpful.”

Dr Christopher Anthony, Surgeon, Malaysia

“We are living in very unusual times. Under such circumstances, Global Futuristic is rendering a yeoman service to the medical community at large and radiology community in particular, by organizing these highly informative webinars, which help us to stay up-to-date with current imaging practices. Salute to you all!”

Dr. Kolathu Ravi Mandalam, Radiology, Malaysia

“Well organised and conducted. We had an illuminative evening and enjoyed the lesson.”

Dr. Mohan Dhas, General Practitioner, Malaysia

“Congratulations to the organising committee for an excellent session. Hope to see more webinars in the future. The moderator was an excellent host. Thank you.”

Dr. Sharifah Mastura, Radiology, Malaysia

“It was great as a learning session with such short time span. Overall, I am impressed with the way it was presented through webinar. I think it is perfect giving 4 topics in a day.”

Dr Teo Kok Hui, General Practitioner, Malaysia

“Those were excellent lectures!”

Dr. Jason Foo, Radiology, Malaysia

“The lectures were clear and the speakers were well trained in their specific subject and so they were able to provide relevant information in the Q&A sessions.”

Dr. Sathy Ramakrishnan, General Practitioner, Malaysia

“The conference was very organized. The speakers were excellent.”

Dr. Filipinas Rojo, Radiology, Philippines

Evaluation Webinar October 2020

Overall satisfaction of the webinar 73%

Informativeness of lectures 76%

Clarity of ideas and concepts presented 78%

Likelihood to recommend this webinar to others 86%

N= 44 delegates who filled in online feedback form