“In terms of content, material, and information, this webinar was extremely informative. Above all, all of the speakers, particularly Prof. George, delivered excellent presentations.”

Dr. GK Vijayandran, Sports Medicine, Malaysia


“The organiser and speakers put in a lot of effort to keep medical education going.” 

Dr. Idrus Mohamad, Radiology, Malaysia


“Prof George, as usual, presented a range of interesting subjects in musculoskeletal imaging. It was well-organized. Kudos to Miss Julia and team.”

Dr. A Allirani, Radiology, Malaysia


“It’s always interesting to see how different professions handle different situations. Excellent exposure to recent and pertinent research findings”

Dr. Hayden Pooke, Chiropractic, Malaysia


“It was extremely informative and educative course.”

Dr. Jason Foo JY Sheng, Radiology, Malaysia


“By joining the webinar it was appropriate, succinct, and enjoyable way to spend a Saturday day.”

Dr. Harwant Singh, Orthopaedic, Malaysia


“Common cases/topics with engaging audio presentations that are simple to understand to be put into practise in the workplace.”

Dr. Roziah Binti Dali, Radiology, Malaysia  


“Many thanks to the organising committee for this informative webinar.”

Dr. Shahrin Samat, Radiology, Malaysia


Evaluation Webinar June 2021

Overall satisfaction of the webinar                               63%

Informativeness of lectures                                          77%

Clarity of ideas and concepts presented                      79%

Likelihood to recommend this webinar to others          83%

N= 24 delegates who filled in online feedback form