Testimonials Radiologists


An excellent course that is very practical and informative. Prof George’s passion to teach is outstanding. Excellent course material to review. The homework daily is excellent and the notes to review are exceptional. Highly recommended.
Ai-Lee Chang, United Kingdom

MSK Imaging is such a difficult field of radiology but this course will give you a good basic foundation that you can take home to your own practice and improve MSK imaging in your own country and come back later for advanced courses.
Marc James, Philippines

Very practical course. Will be able to implement immediately upon return. Ultrasound positioning and other tricks from Prof George much appreciated.
Olivia Bato, Belgium

Thanks for bringing world-class experts to Asia to share with us their knowledge and skills. I love everything – the lectures, the hands-on sessions and the interactions with the demonstrators and other conference participants – made me appreciate MSK Radiology more. Highly recommended!
Ma Xenia, Philippines

A superb conference for all radiologists wanting to either learn or refresh knowledge and / or acquire hands-on skills. Highly recommended.
Judith Ross, South Africa

All of the faculty are very helpful and I will certainly do it again.
Realinda Pimentel, Philippines

I have met many good radiologists but Dr John is not only a good radiologist but an extraordinary teacher.
Naveed Mazhar, Saudi Arabia

Smaller groups for the practical sessions allows for more practice for one to better their skills. Extra models to practice on were an added bonus.
Thandaza Shayingca, South Africa

A very concise and excellent course for basic to intermediate level in MSK Imaging. Highly recommended.     
Laxmanshri Jaya, Malaysia

Being exposed to both the MRI and ultrasound anatomy enabled a clearer understanding of both the pathology and the normal.
Sheila Brock, South Africa

I am very happy and satisfied about the course because it gave the foundation knowledge as an aspiring musculoskeletal radiologist. Dr George is an outstanding mentor.
Francis Zuriel, Philippines

Testimonials Physicians

This course is comprehensive with plenty of clinical orientation and tips for use in the daily clinics. The skills taught can be used almost immediately in one’s daily practice for screening of musculoskeletal injuries. Abundance of hands-on practical time really helps build confidence.
Navin Francis, Malaysia

It was a great experience in terms of the knowledge and practical sessions and the content of lecture and theory was very precise and concise and up to the point.
Vinotha Genisan, Malaysia

I entered not knowing how anything looked on an Ultrasound Guidance. Now, I can say that I know the anatomy of major joints like shoulder and knee and am also able to confidently identify muscles of upper and lower limb.
Jamie Joseph, Malaysia

The best course for learning that you must have.
Taninnit Leerapun, Thailand

Thank you for providing me with the knowledge of using ultrasound as a bedside examination tool.
Tan Jin Hui, Malaysia

By joining the course, I had the opportunity to learn and practice MSK Ultrasound which is much needed in my department. I also got some tips and tricks for better diagnosis using ultrasound.
Nur Faridah Zulkhaini, Malaysia

This Ultrasound Guided MSK course is a must to join for Physicians specialists who are interested to do Ultrasound Guided MSK screening examination for their own practice.
Natthiya Tantisiriwat, Thailand

Fun way to learn and make friends both locally and internationally. The opportunity for hands-on sessions are truly rewarding.
Julia Patrick Engkasan, Malaysia

One of the best workshops I have ever attended.
Neogh Kok Lim, Malaysia


Excellent correlation of radiological findings and clinical relevance. Very useful course even for practicing musculoskeletal radiologist. Will serve as a review for things you have forgotten and points out the things you’ve been doing wrong.
Romelito Jose G. Galsim, Philippines

Excellent structured course detailing fundamental MSK Radiology. Knowledgeable tutors sharing practical tips for routine scanning. Gained a lot from the course to apply in daily reporting and scanning. Thank you.
Aran Sritharan, Australia

Very practical approach towards the cases and very approachable and friendly tutors. The course covers mainly all common problems faced by us as general/MSK radiologist and gives us a simple but detailed approach towards solving them.
Vicknesvaran Rajaratnam, Malaysia

The course is very useful and I have increased confidence to do Musculoskeletal Ultrasound on my own after attending the course. Thank you very much!
Cheng Ka King, Hong Kong

Never hesitate to join the course. It’s worth every dollar you paid for.
Hussein Mohamed Hussein Abakar, Saudi Arabia

I only had very little knowledge of musculoskeletal ultrasound before coming to attend this workshop. Now I can say that I will have more confidence when I start doing musculoskeletal ultrasound because of this workshop.  I like that there are a lot of opportunities to practice ultrasound on the models with guidance of trained Musculoskeletal radiologists.
Noree Jane Lastrilla, Philippines

Excellent course material relevant to daily reporting requirements. Fantastic learning opportunity with personalised hands on training to ensure thorough grasp of skills attained for daily practice. A course essential for radiologist practicing/reporting MSK radiology.
Naveen A/L Rajadurai, Malaysia

Cannot be better. World class.
Andrew Wai, Hong Kong

Very extensive, materials provided are very good. Prof John George is an excellent educator.
Dondee Jules P. Mojica, Philippines

The most beneficial aspect of the course was the practical (hands-on) ultrasound sessions. Faculty are real experts and very patient in teaching.
Heidi Herminia C. Santos, Philippines

The course content is very relevant. Prof Dr George taught us the pearls in looking at MRI and ultrasound Musculoskeletal cases which is quite sound and practical given the relatively short period of time to learn so much information. The rest of the faculty are also approachable and generous in sharing their knowledge.
Maila C. Chan, Philippines

Excellent course especially for beginners like me! Excellent venue beside the beach too!
Tsang Yin Ho Arnold, Hong Kong

Lectures and images relevant to Asians.
Nelson D. Santos, Philippines

It covered all important joints. It has lectures followed by practical hands-on, so that candidates not familiar with MSK can have a rough idea before hands-on. It’s a good course for radiologist, with or without prior experience in MSK.
Lo Lai Wan, Hong Kong

Good training from distinguished experts in the field. Fun and interactive.
Roslina Razak, Malaysia

After the workshop, I have more confidence. It is easier than I thought. Subject taught are common diseases encountered in actual practice. Please continue what you are currently presently doing.
Blaise Kho Liao, Philippines

The course is very easy to understand. So many cases for us to study. Well organised hands on of competent trainers.
Mylyn F. Mendoza, Philippines

Very extensive, competent speakers, excellent training materials.
Patrick Henry J Balolong, Philippines

Great course in a great country with great people. I’m glad I attended.
Roger S. De Venecia, Philippines

The course is precise and clinically oriented.  All materials are clearly presented and are very useful in my daily practice.
Chan Chi Sang, James, Hong Kong

Very thorough especially on the MRI. It’s a good place to start since participants are divided into level of expertise.
Maria Imogene Lalaine, Philippines

The course is beneficial not only for beginners in musculoskeletal radiology but also those with some experience and want to have further improvement and understanding in this special subject.
Chan Chi Hin, Hong Kong