An excellent course that is very practical and informative. Prof George’s passion to teach is outstanding. Excellent course material to review. The homework daily is excellent and the notes to review are exceptional. Highly recommended.
Ai-Lee Chang, United Kingdom

MSK Imaging is such a difficult field of radiology but this course will give you a good basic foundation that you can take home to your own practice and improve MSK imaging in your own country and come back later for advanced courses.
Marc James, Philippines

Very practical course. Will be able to implement immediately upon return. Ultrasound positioning and other tricks from Prof George much appreciated.
Olivia Bato, Belgium

Thanks for bringing world-class experts to Asia to share with us their knowledge and skills. I love everything – the lectures, the hands-on sessions and the interactions with the demonstrators and other conference participants – made me appreciate MSK Radiology more. Highly recommended!
Ma Xenia, Philippines

A superb conference for all radiologists wanting to either learn or refresh knowledge and / or acquire hands-on skills. Highly recommended.
Judith Ross, South Africa

All of the faculty are very helpful and I will certainly do it again.
Realinda Pimentel, Philippines

I have met many good radiologists but Dr John is not only a good radiologist but an extraordinary teacher.
Naveed Mazhar, Saudi Arabia

Smaller groups for the practical sessions allows for more practice for one to better their skills. Extra models to practice on were an added bonus.
Thandaza Shayingca, South Africa

A very concise and excellent course for basic to intermediate level in MSK Imaging. Highly recommended.     
Laxmanshri Jaya, Malaysia

Being exposed to both the MRI and ultrasound anatomy enabled a clearer understanding of both the pathology and the normal.
Sheila Brock, South Africa

I am very happy and satisfied about the course because it gave the foundation knowledge as an aspiring musculoskeletal radiologist. Dr George is an outstanding mentor.
Francis Zuriel, Philippines