An excellent course that highlights practical pointers for MRI evaluation and reporting. Great teachers who help refine your ultrasound techniques and provide advice on scanning and pathology-identification based on experience and evidence. Highly recommended!
Mohammad Taufik, Singapore

This is a well-organized practical course that can enrich radiologists’ knowledge in the musculoskeletal field. All the information that you will get will help you to ease the stress when you face MSK cases in your daily work and provide the best for the patients’ sake.  
Wassan Al-Saedi, Iraq

I have thoroughly enjoyed the course. It is a well-organized, practical and down-to-earth course and I can immediately apply the knowledge gained to my day to day work.
Sunny Cheng, Hong Kong

I really liked how we saw anatomy, pathology then went to practicals in sequence. It made it easy to understand. Professor George made it easy to digest and understand. I feel this course is a must for anyone doing MSK MRI & Ultrasound.
Catherine Garcia, Philippines

Wide coverage and many practical sessions with lots of cases shown during lectures. This conference has given me more confidence in my MRI MSK reporting and I will start to correlate MRI MSK with Ultrasound MSK from now on.
Toh Siew Tee, Malaysia

The practical sessions were great and the lectures were very informative. This is a unique opportunity. Don’t miss the chance.
Hussein Mohamed Hussein, Saudi Arabia

This course is a great opportunity for radiologists with a special interest in MSK imaging to improve their knowledge and skill in diagnosing various pathologies afflicting the joints using ultrasound and MRI.
Sanveer Singh, Malaysia

Great course to increase knowledge on MSK imaging and fill in the gaps in anatomy and pathology. Kalum Fernando, Sri Lanka

Beneficial course for those keen to further their knowledge in MSK MRI with ultrasound correlation. Added benefit of hands-on approach and practical training on-site.
Ranjit Kaur, Malaysia

I like the environment, the organizing committee and the approach of cases. I strongly recommend it.
Sarah Makki, Saudi Arabia