“Five hours of quality learning on a weekend, sitting in your own environment (home or clinic), sipping endless cups of coffee, with facility for interaction with the speakers – all this without the hassle of booking flights, hotel rooms, taking leave from work – the 2nd Global MSK Webinar was indeed a wonderful and novel experience. It was well-planned and executed with perfection. Kudos to the organizers – you all did a good work!”

Dr. Kolathu Ravi, Malaysia


“We learned a lot from Dr. George and Dr. Zubair. Shoulder and knee MRI with arthroscopic correlation is a great way to understand injuries in the cartilage, labrum and tendons and ligaments. Knowledge of the surgical repair also enables us to report better.”

Dr. Diana Garcia, Philippines


“I really enjoyed the webinar. The session is very informative and helpful. The two speakers have successfully shown their great expertise, vast knowledge & experience in their respective fields. Well done!”

Dr. Jason Kwok, Malaysia


“The lectures are very informative. I like the way webinar was presented. The chat notification didn’t distract me while I was watching and listening to the webinar.”

Dr. Sheila Bohari, Malaysia


“Appreciated the role of the moderator to make sure the webinar runs smoothly. Good job to the speakers and organizer. Will consider joining again if the topic is appropriate and the time is right.”

Dr. Siti Hajar Ahmad, Malaysia



“Will be my annual meeting for new inputs as well as refreshing for my practice.”

Dr. Shafie Abd Ghafar, Malaysia


“Fruitful obtaining the knowledge of knee and shoulder.”

Dr. Leong Mee Mee, Malaysia


“It’s a great opportunity for us to achieve the valuable knowledge for our daily clinical practice.” 

Dr. Thant Zin, Malaysia


“It was a great and well moderated webinar.”

Dr. Ernest Yong, Malaysia


“It was a wonderful webinar.”

Dr. Vanita Paramajothy, Malaysia


Evaluation Webinar September 2020


Overall satisfaction of the webinar                               70%

Informativeness of lectures                                          78%

Clarity of ideas and concepts presented                      78%

Likelihood to recommend this webinar to others          72%

N= 24 delegates who filled in online feedback form