“I have attended several of the Global Webinars and they provide you with the most up-to date and
innovative information especially when it comes to the diagnosis and treatment options for many
of the conditions we face daily in a clinical setting.”

Dr. Hayden Clyde Pooke, Chiropractor, Malaysia

“A very well-organized webinar with experienced speakers. Highly recommended.”

Dr. Jaspreet Singh, Radiology, Singapore

“All the speakers are quite well-versed in their own discipline and they gave the viewers a deep
insight to the shared knowledge and their experience.”

Dr. Soo Mun Sing, General Practitioner, Malaysia

“The session gave me new insight from other specialties.”

Dr. Evi Rachmawati, Rehabilitation, Indonesia

“For almost 6 hours I enjoyed the marvelous presentation of various topics which are extremely
educational to a GP like me.”

Dato’ Dr. Henry Ooi Kwee Lim, General Practitioner, Malaysia

“Very useful as it covers a wide range of topics in just one day! Highly recommended!”

Dr. Aziani Syahirah Tumingan, Radiology, Malaysia

“The topics were quite interesting as it’s a mixture of different fields.”

Dr. Steffi Wong , Sports Medicine, Malaysia

“Congratulations to the organizers for such a commendable effort. I know its difficult to satisfy the
interests of all doctors with different fields of interest. Thank you and I am looking forward to more
webinars in future.”

Dr. Abdul Rahim Abdul Aziz, General Practitioner, Malaysia

“Any topics with regards to the knowledge of medicines especially on advancement in treatments benefitted me and other doctors. Keep going on, will be supporting you in the future.”

Dr.Abdul Hanan Namat, General Practitioner, Malaysia

“The speakers were very knowledgeable and from different specialties. I’m looking forward to the next session.”

Dr. Anuradha P S Janardhanan, Radiology, Malaysia

Evaluation Webinar March 2021

Overall satisfaction of the webinar 76%

Informativeness of lectures 81%

Clarity of ideas and concepts presented 94%

Likelihood to recommend this webinar to others 82%

N= 60 delegates who filled in online feedback form